The Millionaire Fastlane

Don’t let the flashy title and lambo on the book cover fool you. This book is the real deal. @MJDeMarco is the real deal.


Make Awesome Shit

Fun little project I’m working on… A FREE No-BS Course on how to build a successful Product Creation Business Online.


The vCEO: New Format and More Focus.

As some of you may know, this blog had some serious issues last week. It was maliciously hacked 2 times over a period of 10 days, and yesterday the database just completely failed out of nowhere. I seriously considered just dropping it all together, but I was hit with some inspiration last night to look at the issues as a good thing and use it as an opportunity to shake things up a bit.

First of all, I realized the blogging was important to me in more ways than I realized. Generally, I am not a ‘blogger’, and I particularly am not a fan of writing, but I love to help and provide resources to aid in the journey of up and coming vCEO’s. I also want an outlet to advocate the role of being a ‘Product Creator’ as a business model.

There will be 2 major changes at the vCEO. First, I have changed the base format of the blog to be more like a tumble blog, which will give me an opportunity to post shorter, more focused material, and to post more often. The second change is something I have been wanting to get into more often, Podcasting.

The Podcast’s will be focused around building businesses and products, insight into what I do to grow and enhance my business, and maybe a sprinkling of what others are doing through interviews and guests. That’s the theory for now at least.


The vCEO’s Guide to Labuan: Setting up Your Tax Free Offshore Business (free ebook)

Are You a Traveling or Lifestyle Business Entrepreneur?

Want to Protect Your Business and Your Hard Earned Money?

We all know about the potential of setting up offshore businesses, but there are most likely 2 things stopping you from biting the bullet…

  • Where? Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines. or… ?
  • How? Navigating Bureaucracy is a hassle.

Unless you have a ton of money, local partners, and want to pack up and permanently move to Hong Kong, Singapore, or the Philippines, you need to forget those places. They are great for some businesses, but have a ton of drawbacks such as minimal capital requirements, residency requirements, ect.

I have a little secret.

There is a little known Malaysian island off the coast of Borneo called Labuan. It is developed, safe, and secure.

Some of the cool facts about setting up your business in Labuan:

  • It is really easy to set up and takes less than a week.
  • You can have a local bank account in a day.
  • Non-Trading Business have 0% tax.
  • No minimum capital requirements.
  • Trading businesses get to choose – 3% tax on earnings or a 1 time fee of MYR20,000 (US$5.650).
  • Americans don’t need a visa.
  • The Labuan government is all about privacy. Your business finances and even your name are not open to the public, including the US IRS.
  • Never want to actually go to Labuan? No Problem.
  • You want to set up shop there? No Problem.
  • You want to bring in Foreign employees? Easy.

And that’s just getting started.

I am giving away a free ebook called Labuan: the vCEO’s Guide to South East Asia’s Most Promising Business Hub.

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Converting Sales Pages: Good Copywriting

Making your sales pages is not just mere promoting your company, products or services. These web copies are written to help you engage customers, excite visitors, motivate prospects and convince potential buyers to check on your website, contact you, buy your products or hire you. In short, writing your sales pages is a big deal so never do it carelessly. (more…)


Anatomy of Ideas in Action: Part 1

I love Apple products. My daily business life revolves around iOS and OSX. I owned at least 1 or more generations of every product Apple has released since Jobs came back to the company. I’m a UX/UI designer, so Apples aestethic tickles my emotions. A handful of my readers may argue with me, but it’s just a much better computer overall to use.

I feel Apple has really failed when it comes to iTunes, and more specifically the iOS App Store. It’s not built for discovery at all, and don’t even get me started with trying to sift through all the garbage that exists. It’s a trash heap of over 15,000 new apps per week. (more…)


Emergency – Can It Really Save Your Life?

Emergency written by Neil Strauss was first published during the early part of year 2009. The book is full of compelling twists.

Emergency can be broken down into 5 main categories which were divided into 69 chapters

  • The Orientation
  • The 5 Steps
  • The Escape
  • The Survival (more…)

How Can Foreigners Start A Business in Singapore?

After my last post ‘Three Best Asian Countries to Start Your Business‘, I received several requests for more info on Singapore. So here it is!

There is a whole world for you to explore when it comes to business ventures in abroad. Characterized as one of the most industrialized countries in Asia, this country now hosts most of the successful businesses in the region. But, before you can do business here, you have to comply with certain requirements.

These are the things you need to understand and furnish before you can start a business in Singapore. (more…)


3 Best Asian Countries to Start Your Business

There is a world of opportunities out there, especially for people who want to set up their own businesses. Long ago, only a handful of countries are considered as power nations when it comes to economic matters. The business industry is only limited to those who have enough finances. But now, the playing field has leveled and Asian countries are slowly becoming power houses when it comes to business matters.

While news of economic slowdowns is constantly on the mainstream, businesses and consumers are still out in force. Forbes Magazine has identified several countries in Asia where businesses thrive and continue to progress and develop which include Singapore, Hongkong, and Philippines. These three countries have posted steady and stable GDP growth. Moreover, the cost of living in these countries is relatively lower compared to their American and European counterparts. (more…)


4 Top Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Choose Living and Working Overseas

Asian countries and more specific, South East Asia is favorable for entrepreneurs desiring to build and expand their businesses. There are varied reasons to move to any of these countries, either alone or together with your family to try new things specifically for future business expansion and growth at the least possible cost. (more…)